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Federal Foundry Wins Two Air Force SBIR Grants

Federal Foundry Wins Two Air Force SBIR Grants

Federal Foundry, Eastern Foundry’s digital arm, was recently awarded two small business innovation research (SBIR) Phase 1 contracts to further develop our teaming and RFP search software for the Air Force. Our two platforms, Assembly and Hunting Party, aim to help the Air Force develop and field the most lethal force possible and increase competition for Air Force contracts, respectively.

Let’s Take A Closer Look

Assembly was originally designed to help Eastern Foundry members form unique teams amongst our community to go after and win work. With a bit of tweaking, we believe that our platform can be utilized to provide insight and analysis to ANY sort of team formation.

After discovering the Air Force pilot retention problem, we thought that we would be able to provide a unique solution. Our hypothesis? Put the best people in the best position to succeed, and you’ll see teams flourish. By combining Air Force requirements, Airmen capabilities, and Pilot desires, we believe we can help crack the code and increase the retention of pilots.

Hunting party tackles a whole different problem. The workforce is getting younger, which means business is being conducted differently, but large institutions such as the Air Force aren’t yet catering to this new style of worker.

We all know the RFP search process is cumbersome and frankly, boring. We asked ourselves “how can we make this more engaging?” Tinder.. Tinder was the answer. Take a highly addictive, mobile, social currency process, and apply that to RFP search, and what do you get? You’ve now gamified business development and made hunting for the best RFP a competition, and we want to use the data from that platform to help the Air Force with their procurement process.

We could use your help!

We’re looking to talk to anybody and everybody in the Air Force (and larger DOD) community about the manpower and acquisitions problems they face every day. We want to know more about what they wish they had, and whether our approach could help.

If you’ve got any insight or ideas fill out the form below or email Geoff@federal-foundry.com!

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