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Eastern Foundry Adds Key Partners To Form Global Foundry

Eastern Foundry Adds Key Partners To Form Global Foundry

Creating An Ecosystem And Platform For Foreign Innovators

Eastern Foundry and its partners which include the Southside Investment Group, TAG Holdings, and Three Tree Ventures are joining forces to launch Global Foundry (GF), a platform designed to help international companies come to the United States. GF provides an ecosystem that more closely resembles an incubator with accelerator qualities while providing an immediate anchor and launch pad for businesses targeting the US marketplace and investors.

Our partnership aims to coincide with the growing demand and clear need to attract exceptional innovators from the world over, to the US, and drive delivery of the very best technologies, no matter where they come from, to a unique and diverse marketplace across the US. The new co-located effort, Global Foundry, will increase the focus on incubating, mentoring, and accelerating select companies by providing strategic planning, mentoring and guidance designed to greatly improve the chances of success in the US marketplace.

This new effort is designed to provide public and private sector entities with access to new innovators, ideas, and products across multiple verticals.

“Through the combination of our collective skills, this partnership enables us to discover key innovators and emerging technologies, while delivering a hands-on mentoring experience capable of establishing and growing the best new companies, right here in Rosslyn, Virginia and the DC metro area.” said Andrew Chang, Founder of Eastern Foundry. “This new partnership also serves our existing EF members by providing introductions to new and innovative companies from abroad that may have a proven skill or tool they need for their company.”

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“We designed this effort to break down the barriers that are often an impediment to US entry for innovators from all over the world,” said Fraser Verrusio, Founder and Manager of Global Foundry. “Through this unique partnership, our goal is to deliver the things that companies and world-class innovators need for their success in America. We want to continue to improve their strategic trajectory and growth, by giving access to the tools that help increase capabilities, focus resources and provide a broad range of expertise they can use to fulfill the visions of success for the new generation of entrepreneurs that come to Global Foundry.”

The common goal of lowering barriers of entry to the US and federal marketplace is shared within the Eastern Foundry locations, as well as Global Foundry, who also has its sights set on the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

About Eastern Foundry

Eastern Foundry is a first-of-its-kind marketplace where technologists, government contractors, and agencies convene to exchange information and opportunities. Eastern Foundry offers physical workspace, services, trainings and information that are tailored to help large and small businesses achieve government contracting success. To learn more about Eastern Foundry, visit Eastern-Foundry.com, follow us @EasternFoundry or stop by our location in Rosslyn where Global Foundry also resides.

Global Foundry

Global Foundry focuses on startup, early stage, and small to medium size enterprises by assisting with strategy, advising and mentoring, while helping target new customers, partners and investors. The principals in this partnership have diverse commercial marketplace backgrounds and public sector experience including the federal government, civil service, military, and companies ranging from startup to Fortune 50.

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