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Why We Love Arlington

Why We Love Arlington

Love is in the air today, and the team at Eastern Foundry is feeling especially affectionate to the County that’s helped make our dreams a reality, Arlington. Home to Eastern Foundry’s first two locations, Arlington county has been instrumental in our growth and we could not ask for a more supportive and dedicated team at the Arlington Economic Development for making this possible. Here are the 5 reasons why your small business should fall in love with Arlington too!

Delightful Business Ecosystem - The friendly business climate in Arlington makes starting your company here a breeze. The low cost of business, incentive packages for bringing jobs to the county, and favorable tax rates, among other factors, is helping businesses from all across the country plant their roots here in Arlington.  

Alluring Access to Talent- An extensive network of universities in the area, paired with Arlington County’s ranking of Best Place to Live in America, is the perfect equation to find recent grads eager to start their first job. Having the ability to pull talent from a young, educated, and energetic workforce can do wonders for starting your business.

Desirable Infrastructure- Getting around Arlington is a breeze, a huge plus when thinking about starting your business! Getting across town for your lunch meeting, or heading to pitch your next big client won’t leave you stressing about the commute. Hop on the Metro, and you’ll have access to the whole DMV or grab a bike at one of the many Capital Bikeshare stations and pedal your way safely through the city. Quick access to Reagan Airport takes the headache out of flying for business too!

Irresistible Funding Opportunities- Although it may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of funding, VC money has been pouring into the region as angel investors begin to realize the potential of the market. When looking to invest in Virginia companies, what’s not to love about working with a company from Arlington right outside our nation’s capital. They’ve got the resources to grow, the network to expand their ideas, and the passion of the community around them.

Enticing Atmosphere- The community and camaraderie in Arlington is palpable and stems from the hard work that everyone from the Governor, to the leadership at Arlington Economic Development have done to create a friendly environment. Small businesses ban together to help each other out and share ideas, locals opt to support their neighborhood businesses rather than leaving town, and community events are held to engage each and every resident and provide exposure for all businesses.  

These are just a few reasons why we love working in Arlington, we’d love to hear why you love it too!