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5 Features We're Excited About In Rosslyn

5 Features We're Excited About In Rosslyn

The time you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived, construction has officially begun at our new campus in Rosslyn! We could not be more excited for renovations to get underway as we’ve got some great features planned for our members to take advantage of in the new space. So to celebrate the first swing of the sledgehammer, here are the Top 5 Features We’re Excited About in Rosslyn.
1. Training Room

Our 75-person training room is the perfect space for your team to hold workshops, after-hours events, or large gatherings. Equipped with all the necessary AV equipment and plenty of room to spread out and create any table setup you wish, this area is sure to be a hit for our member's meetings. When the Training Room is not in use, it will double as a lounge where you can relax with other companies and relieve some stress with TV, games, and books! Can anybody say Ping Pong?

2. Breakout Areas

Ever needed to get out of the office for a change of scenery or find a nice spot to hunker down and focus on some work? Our various breakout areas are the answer to your woes. These nice and secluded nooks will feature a cozy atmosphere with couches and reading lamps that will be sure to whisk you away into a work frenzy once nestled in. If you happen to catch a quick nap, we won’t tell anyone! Comfort is the name of the game here.

3. Coworking

As you all know here at Eastern Foundry we foster a community of collaborators but only so much can be discussed around the watercooler. In Rosslyn, our open-plan coworking tables allow for prolonged and in-depth work to be done among friends and colleagues. It’s our bread and butter and in the heart of the floorplan. Its central location leads to a gathering place for all of our members to convene and share ideas.

4. Freedom Park

One of the coolest features about the building Eastern Foundry is housed in is Freedom Park. A bridge turned green-space, Freedom Park is a fantastic place to enjoy a lunch break outside in the sun. Grab a grassy spot and have a picnic from the food trucks parked directly below, or challenge your co-worker to some bocce ball or even putt-putt. This park will be calling your name whenever you glance out your office window and is sure to be a favorite spot to hang.

5. Free Gym

Yup, you read that right, Eastern Foundry Rosslyn Members get FREE 24-hour access to Stryke Fitness Solutions, conveniently located in the lobby of our building. Offering everything a traditional gym would have, this gym is a great way to let off some steam after a long day in the office.

The EF team is excited to share these updates with you and we will be regularly providing updates via social media and sneak peeks via Facebook Live over the next few weeks as well. Have no fear, tours will be ongoing during construction, so head over to www.eastern-foundry.com and request a tour today!