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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

As a small business in the GovCon world, teaming up with other companies is a necessary step in winning your first contract. Though some may think it’s as simple as joining A and B together, it’s more like constructing a 5000 piece puzzle with no edges to guide you. The many questions include, but are not limited to: Are you on the GSA schedule? What’s your prior performance? What sort of set-asides do you have that compliment mine? Finding the perfect fit can become quite the struggle, but when two companies are a perfect match and find success, it’s a beautiful thing. Here at Eastern Foundry, we understand the importance of teaming and try to make it as easy as possible through community engagement!

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 2.29.25 PMOften times since so much is riding on teaming partnerships, it’s beneficial for companies to team with those that they are already friendly with and know.  It reduces stress and creates a cohesive partnership that enables the team to overcome any obstacle that may occur during the bidding process. That’s why at Eastern Foundry, we have created an ecosystem of friendliness and trust, where teaming is easier than ever.


One of many, if not the most significant benefit of Eastern Foundry is its community of contractors all with different backgrounds, experiences, and talents. Our membership spans nine unique set-asides, 17 prior performance categories, and covers major contract vehicles including IT Schedule 70 and SeaPort-e.  Having your potential teaming partner right next door is a huge benefit, say a deadline gets pushed up, or arrangements get changed, face-to-face communication can help overcome these challenges faster than a phone call to a partner who may be working across the country!  

We see this sort of collaboration and teamwork every day at Eastern Foundry, and it’s not just working on big contracts together. Just this past week there was an unfortunate pizza spilling incident in the kitchen, with a members tie taking the bulk of the damage. It was unfortunate timing as he was just about to head over to meet with a large government agency, something you should never do with extra marinara sauce showing! Cue a frantic dash to the sink and furious scrubbing to no avail. Luckily, being in such a close-knit community has its perks, one of which is apparently a plethora of spare ties. He was out the door in no time with a matching tie, and returned hours later with a smile on his face after a highly productive meeting. Eastern Foundry: One - Pizza: Zero  

It’s this sort of friendly display, both personally and professionally around the office that makes Eastern Foundry such a unique environment to work in. Where everyone makes introductions to friends at agencies, lends a helping hand when working on tough proposals, and comes together for office activities to let off a little steam every now and again. If you think you could benefit from joining a community that will bolster your startups capabilities, signup today for a tour or request more information online.