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Eastern Foundry Joins Federal News Radio

Eastern Foundry Joins Federal News Radio

Listen to the show here or read our recap below!

Last week a few Eastern Foundry members joined co-founder Geoff Orazem at Federal News Radio; a station specifically catered to the federal community and U.S. government workers.

The show entitled “Innovation in Work Boots” is hosted by John Gilroy, and hones in on what is happening in the IT and digital world and how it applies to federal workers. Eastern Foundry brought along two members, Forward Funded and Davincian Healthcare.  

“Innovation in Work Boots: Eastern Foundry” focused on each company's capabilities, and how the community at Eastern Foundry has helped propel their businesses.   The show intends to connect customers with companies they may have never been aware of, so John is adamant about providing as much enticing information as possible.

Johns opening guest was Brendan Snow, who talked about his company Forward Funded, an innovative new system for saving money for items on an ecommerce site. As an example, in the past an envelope would be designated for grocery savings, another for vacations and so on. Snow pulls the thread on this concept by applying it to the digital world, since a majority of shopping is done in a virtual setting these days. Snow praised Eastern Foundry for providing valuable insights to his company and creating the supportive community he was looking for.

The next guest to chat about innovation was John Knoebel of Davincian Healthcare. This unique company takes a platform approach to coordination of healthcare from both the clinicians side as well as the patient's side. Davincian Healthcare is a holistic, all-encompassing technology that “learns you” rather than you having to take the time to learn its interface. There are various platforms in use at Davincian in order to provide the best possible care,including the growing field of telemedicine, which is the idea that patients and doctors can communicate virtually and administer treatment without a trip to the doctors office. Davincian has been conducting a pilot program in India, and telemedicine has had a huge impact on the rate of care due to the lack of doctors in remote locations.

The last guest on the show was our very own Geoff Orazem, co-founder of Eastern Foundry. Geoff spoke with John on the history of Eastern Foundry, and the various ways we are bringing innovation to the government. He emphasized that many of our members are individuals who have experience in the federal government are working to disrupt the challenges they faced in previous careers.

Head on over to Federal News Radio, or click the link up top to listen in on the fantastic conversation about the state of innovation, and all the exciting accomplishments our members have achieved. It’s a short 30 minute program that pairs perfectly with your lunch!

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