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Eastern Foundry Tackles TechDay

Eastern Foundry Tackles TechDay


The Eastern Foundry crew headed down to New York City last Wednesday night to attend NY TechDay, the largest startup conference in the United States. We were positioned in IMG_3155Accelerator Alley with 27 other similar businesses, all of which had their different niche. There were fashion incubators, cyber incubators and of course being so close to Wall Street, Fintech incubators.

Drawing crowds in the thousands, NY TechDay exposed us to a variety of innovative companies all of which were intrigued by what Eastern Foundry has set out to do. Though many of the companies we met are not currently selling to the federal government, each one understood the difficulties associated with contracting. We frequently were told that a program like Eastern Foundry is desperately needed if the government wishes to reach the talent that was in the expo center with us, and vice versa.

Apart from a long day of networking and handing out the ever-so-popular Eastern Foundry sunglasses, we had some fun! We met two robots--though one wasn’t real, we experienced virtual reality with
The Economist, got to play with dogs from BarkBox, and sampled beer brewed in half the time of a normal fermentation cycle. Of course,no trip to New York is official unless you stop by Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes and banana pudding on your way home, talk about a sugar rush!

At the end of the day, in a building full of individuals chasing wildly different dreams, it was impossible not to feel a sense of community. Though the tech industry can often be quirky, with everyone exclaiming “we’re making the world a better place through XYZ,” it’s incredible to see the interaction between companies. Most people were simply excited to learn what was out there, and all could appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to turn a mere thought into a tangible product. As for us, if TechDay was any indication of the future talent in the tech industry, we’re excited to showcase it to Uncle Sam.

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Dan Bowman is the Communications Associate at Eastern Foundry.