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Meet the Neighbors

Meet the Neighbors


You may start seeing some unfamiliar faces around the coffee machine in the coming weeks, they didn’t just sneak in to grab a fresh brew and a snack, they’re your new neighbors! Eastern Foundry recently welcomed four new exciting members, and we are thrilled to introduce them to you all.  Below you will find a short intro to each company with their various capabilities--each company brings a different set of skills to our community that should be beneficial for all.

Repperio has created a competitive analytics tool specifically for federal contracting! Repperio will allow you to bid more strategically by providing actionable intelligence for all your contracts. By viewing past similar contracts, awardees and bidders, you will get a holistic sense of the contract in question.  We are thrilled with the expertise Repperio brings to the Eastern Foundry community, and we hope you will all be able to take advantage of their platform in the future.


Battle Investment Group is a private investment management firm that supports long-term expansion and success of enterprises and management teams. Battle focuses on the North American defense/security, government and industrial markets. Their expertise includes developing business strategies, supporting new business acquisition in new markets, and exploiting growth opportunities. They invest in partnerships with the people and enterprises that they trust and respect.  Be sure to say hello to Renny McPherson when you see him around the office, he has 15 years of experience as a leader in the small business, government and technology sector and is happy to answer your questions!



Satori Consulting helps their clients solve business problems and realize opportunities for growth. They work with small teams that share a sense of purpose and work flexibly and efficiently to meet client goals. To address the needs of government and higher education, Satori has designed specialized practices that combine their public-sector and nonprofit expertise with knowledge of best practices from the private sector. Their services range from project management, organizational effectiveness and business process engineering to strategy & advisory. Eastern Foundry is excited to house this global consulting firm and can’t wait for you all to meet them.

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Cultural Quotient or CQ Corp, is a Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that concentrates on advancing innovation and technology from the federal laboratory system to provide US economic benefit, support local and regional governments, and to advance the federal procurement and acquisition systems. They do this by working effectively across the different cultures of business, government, academic research, and education. Their team has successfully commercialized technologies in the nuclear engineering, remote sensing, geospatial information system, and environmental space. CQ Corp is specifically interested in moving federally developed software out of the laboratories and moving them into the commercial space.  

Make sure to say hi to any new faces around the Foundry over the next few weeks. After all, you never know who may be your next teaming partner, who will lend you that perfect connection at the DoD, or even who may become a great friend! If you need an excuse to head out of the office for a few minutes to network in the common area, take a look at our newsletter or on Facebook for an infographic on the detriments of prolonged inactivity and benefits of resting your mind.  


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Dan Bowman is the Communications Associate at Eastern Foundry.