SilLion & Goal Zero

Welcome to the second installment of Featured Finalist! Last week we introduced you to two great companies, Tectonica and SIVA. This week we have the pleasure of introducing our next set of finalists, SilLion, who’s created a non-flammable, high energy Li-Ion battery, and Goal Zero who’s built a portable solar generator.

SilLion Inc. is offering a non-flammable, high energy Li-ion system comprising a large particle silicon anode and high energy “nickel-rich” cathode. Their simple and scalable “drop-in” technology is non-flammable and poised for deployment into the electric vehicle and grid storage markets.

“SilLion was created while my business partner Daniela Molina Piper and I were working on our PhDs under Dr. Se-Hee Lee at the University of Colorado at Boulder” said Co-founder and CTO, Tyler Evans. “We were both working on separate areas of study, Daniela on the anode, and myself on the cathode and electrolyte. We ended up putting them together to form our battery.”

“We’ve both been advocates of clean energy,” said Tyler, “and batteries are a promising way to enable renewables. We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet some of the great minds in the DoD and show them what we have to offer.”

SilLion Dogs

Office dogs check out a delivery!

Though still in the early stages, SilLion has the young talent who knows what it takes to disrupt the market, they will be bringing the heat to Foundry Cup! (Literally- they wanted to light a battery on fire for Demo Day, which we sadly had to say no to)


“Right now we are a small company, often there are more dogs in the office than people,” said Tyler. We can’t wait to see the SilLion team here in Arlington in a few short weeks, feel free to bring your furry friends along as well!

Next up is Goal Zero, who has developed a range of portable solar ready power products, but will be demoing their Yeti 400 lithium battery kit, powered by solar panels at Demo Day. The Yeti 400 allows you to live life off the grid without the noise and fumes of traditional backup generators.

After working in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to lift villages out of poverty in the Spring of 2007, Founder, Robert Workman realized “If not us, who? If not now, when?” His idea was to help create sustainable business in the communities in order to empower the people. His vision came to fruition as over the years, Goal Zero’s solar energy technology was spread across the globe during some of the world’s biggest catastrophes. Be it after the earthquake in Haiti or the Tsunami in Japan, Goal Zero sprung into action to help.

“Portable power is important because it allows you the freedom of getting away from mainstream infrastructure,” said Tony Valadez who works on Business Development at Goal Zero. “Really it’s power on the go, it’s freedom, your office is anywhere.” Goal Zero has since expanded into the outdoors arena, catering towards hikers, campers, surfers and anyone who relies on having power away from home. Absorbing the adventurous lifestyle of their current customers, Goal Zero has installed a rock climbing wall and a 2-story slide that goes to their lobby. Could you imagine a better entrance to a client meeting?

Front Lobby Pic 3

Goal Zero’s Lobby

Goal Zero is looking forward to coming to the D.C. area to explore a new avenue of growth during Foundry Cup. “We are looking forward to the exposure with DoD and learning how the whole contracting process works first-hand,” said Tony.

We are very excited for both SilLion and Goal Zero to come to Foundry Cup! The portable power problem has many facets, and all of our finalists are tackling the issue in different and exciting ways. You won’t want to miss all the action on Demo Day, make sure you RSVP here to save your spot for the big day!

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 12.07.16 PM


Dan Bowman is the Communications Associate at Eastern Foundry.

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