Tectonica & SIVA

Welcome to our first installation of Featured Finalists! This week we talked with international power distribution management company, Tectonica, and Colorado-based kinetic energy storage company, SIVA. Both companies have an interesting perspective on portable power and we are excited to have them join us for Foundry Cup 2016!

Tectonica’s international application proves that finding reliable sources of energy is truly a global need, as their technology was created all the way in Melbourne, Australia. Founded by Miles Partridge, and currently run by CEO, David Levy, Tectonica has created a power distribution system that provides power to all devices being carried from a central power supply such as a rechargeable battery, fuel cell or solar matt. This system allows users to get the most out of their power generation in the field by removing the need for multiple battery types and enabling power scavenging. Tectonica’s capabilities were developed with support from the Australian Military.

The US representative for Tectonica, Peter O’Malley, is excited for Foundry Cup because he knows the real potential that their system has for the US Military. “We’ve shown our products to retired Navy Seals, and they were very impressed” said Peter. “They used to load up on extra batteries, creating unnecessary weight for ‘just in case situations,’ and would often come back with 70% of their batteries unused. Our system saves time, money and energy, and provides users with precise power information making their lives easier.”


BANTAM power distribution


“Tectonica really prides itself on working with people that value hard work and are committed to delivering the best technology to its customers. When I was first introduced to Miles and the other folks at Tectonica a few years ago they said to me, ‘Just make sure you put us in touch with like-minded people,’ and I’ve tried my best to do just that. We are very excited to join Eastern Foundry and the other finalists for Foundry Cup.”

Our next featured finalist is SIVA, a company based out of Colorado that is utilizing kinetic energy as their power source. The creators of SIVA, Aaron Latzke and David Delcourt, both have extensive backgrounds in energy and sustainability but found themselves wanting to make a sustainable and tangible impact on power generation. While Aaron was overseas in Belgium, he came across some old dynamos (the foundation for today’s electric motor) which got him thinking about harnessing energy. Around the same time, David was imagining storing kinetic energy through the billions of bicycles that are used every day, thus SIVA Cycle was born.

An even bigger dream was realized after SIVA Cycle launched on Kickstarter. Instead of focusing solely around the bike, SIVA aspired to get power wherever it was needed most. “The portable power problem goes beyond the outdoor recreation or preparedness space,” said David. “The military use for something like SIVA is very interesting, and because it’s so new, it could be used anywhere. I’ve traveled widely around the world, and you really get an appreciation for how much we rely on instantaneous energy. In the 21st century, the world is lived beyond the outlet, so portable power is going to be huge.”



Aaron and Dave

The folks at SIVA have a relentless spirit and determination to create a real change in the energy space, constantly innovating and searching for the next application of SIVA. “Every time I go out to Oakland to visit with Aaron, he insists we go surfing,” said David. “I started knowing nothing about it, and now you could say I am mediocre, I’ve even helped build a surfboard from scratch with him. That sort of shows SIVA’s attitude, once we sink our hooks into something, we never stop.”


Eastern Foundry is thrilled by what both companies bring to the table when it comes to innovative portable power. Tectonica and SIVA will both compete at Foundry Cup 2016 on March 25th. If you would like the chance to meet them both you can RSVP here and grab your tickets today!

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