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DC area: The Capital Location for Cybersecurity Startups

DC area: The Capital Location for Cybersecurity Startups

The digital domain affects everyone these days. If you perform any kind of business at all, your credit is used, your shopping history is compared, and your preferences are tracked by the vendors that you interact with, to say nothing of digital government records. The increasingly prominent cyber attacks against governments and businesses, have caused cybersecurity to gain a level of recognition and visibility in the public and private sectors that it has not previously enjoyed. We’re seeing increasingly urgent demands for cybersecurity in both private and public sectors: the industry for Cybersecurity isn’t just rising, it’s soaring. The public is now seeing hackers laughingly bully governments and international corporations because of their out of date or borderline nonexistent systems, strategies, and knowledge of defensive cybersecurity.

There is no better place to be than the Washington, DC area for burgeoning companies looking to revolutionize cybersecurity.  The national capital region is a center for technological and security talent and innovation, and this has been recognized by both the USG and the private sector. Numerous Fortune 500 companies have their security centers of operation here, and many of the largest investments and most prominent investors are looking to make the DC region into a hotbed of cyber security investment and innovation. In the public sector, The White House recently released its memo on its Cyber Strategy and Implementation Plan (CSIP) which outlines federal goals about federal development of cybersecurity. One of the 5 major points outlined in the memo is “Efficient and Effective Acquisition and Deployment of Existing and Emerging Technology”. The government actively looking to modify their acquisition process to improve the speed with which they can contract with private industry for services and products.

Being in the center of cybersecurity activity is an immediate advantage when selling to the public and private sectors. Contracting and product development can sometimes present challenges even if you have previous experience. Accelerators like DC-area’s Eastern Foundry offer great resources to help cyber startups realize their greatest potential. From business analysis and support services to strategic advisement and product feedback, Eastern Foundry offers a host of ways to make sure that startups get the early support and guidance they need. These cyber-centric efforts, led by Eastern Foundry’s Co-Founder, Andrew Chang, and Eastern Foundry’s CTO, Zach Hanif, bring partner companies years of cyber operations, services and product experience to the table honed from lessons learned in startup environments, government service, and product and service development done in large organizations as doers, strategists and investors. Help accelerate your startup and visit Eastern Foundry to further your serious innovation in cyber security.



Samuel Trostle is an intern at Eastern Foundry and currently studying Cybersecurity at Marymount University.