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6 Reasons to Attend Eastern Foundry’s Federal Procurement Academy

6 Reasons to Attend Eastern Foundry’s Federal Procurement Academy

Let’s face it: Government contracting is tough. The slow and complex federal procurement process can (and does) keep game-changing ideas, products and services from being found and adopted. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to do it alone. Following the success of our first Bootcamp in March 2015, we have refined and expanded the class to better meet the needs of new companies, entrepreneurs, and new managers that will be leading sub-contractors for the first time.

We’re excited about our new Academy offerings, and here are six reasons why you should be too!

1. Our Instructors are Experts:

The Academy is taught by industry leaders who have a breadth of knowledge on all things related to federal procurement. This is what each of the instructors do for a living. Learn about set-aside and required registrations from Anna Urman from the VA PTAP, learn about opportunity identification and proposal writing from Brian Lindholm of FedSavvyStrategies, and talk to VPs from BAE and Booz Allen about when they look for in subs.

2. We’ve Got the Goods:

Eastern Foundry’s Academy equips government contractors with the knowledge that they need to win contracts fast. Whether you need financial, marketing, legal, or business development guidance the Academy provides it. The Academy also includes access to our community of government contractors in Crystal City, catered meals and opportunities to network with fellow business owners and government contracting experts.

3. Tailor your Academy Experience:

 Whether you are new to government contracting, or you’re an old pro, Eastern Foundry’s Academy has benefits for you:

  • Our Comprehensive Training is a full five days and designed for companies that are new to government sales; individuals who are considering selling to the government, or managers at established government contractors who are managing subs for the first time and want to understand their concerns.
  • Our Advanced Training is three days and for companies who have been working with the government for a few months, but who want to learn more about the process, or for junior members of an established government contractor who want to learn about the industry.

4. Because Learning Should Never Cease!

As Albert Einstein once put it, “intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” Even if you are achieving early successes, strive to push the envelope. We can guarantee that you’ll leave the program feeling invigorated and full of fresh ideas on how to propel your company even further ahead.

5. Networking and Collaboration:

Some of the best business ideas are dreamt up over lunch or Happy Hour. With that in mind, we’ve woven networking in throughout the program. Eastern Foundry’s Academy allows you to nurture relationships with peers, share ideas and find new ways to collaborate.

 6. Because They Say So!

We’ve done enough convincing. Hear some testimonials from our previous students:

“Eastern Foundry’s Academy provided a great foundation for those just starting a business and others, like us, that have been in business for years but are looking to pivot. The experts who taught each course made the Academy thought-provoking and the networking with fellow students was invaluable. We’re still in touch with those we met at Eastern Foundry today.” — Dan Cummings, COO of BTS S2

“One of the greatest risks to businesses working with the Government is not being aware of myriad rules and regulations, and their consequences, in advance. Eastern Foundry’s Academy provides the knowledge and tools necessary to mitigate that risk. The instructors are best of class in their fields, and the resources and sense of community that Eastern Foundry’s Academy offers students makes it peerless in GovCon education.” — Dawn Morat, U.S. Consultant, Alazen Ltd.

The next Eastern Foundry Academy Training runs October 15-16. The Advanced Training is on the October 23, 30 and November 16.

Click here to learn more and to register for the program.